Project Committee Meeting Minutes


Present: Peter Atkinson – Chairperson
Mark Sigson – Deputy Chair
Mark McQuillan – Accumulating Fund
Patrick Imai – Artist selection
Louis Cyr – Secretary and Liaison Officer with RMC and Foundation

  1. Call to Order: Meeting called at 10:00 hrs by Peter
  2. Chairperson’s Opening Remarks
    a. Class of 84 on board, need to ensure we continue to involve them and get a feel how their fund raising is going.
    b. We need to be aggressive with our timeline; let’s get the statue done sooner than later, and if sitting in a crate waiting, that’s fine.
    c. Happy with way things are going, but let’s keep the ball rolling so not as to lose momentum.
  3. Financial update from donations – Sig
    a. Fundraising goal is still $150K
    b. Class of 81 Balance as of 28 June 2019 is $32,397.31
    c. 13 recurring donors since 1 Jan 2017 (3 additional since May 2019)
    d. Current monthly recurring total – $715.00
    e. 15 lump sum donors since 1 Jan 2017 (6 additional since May 2019)
    f. Total of lump sum donations since Jan 1 17 – $15,250.00
  4. List of donors – Pete
    a. With our call-out, 110 classmates were reached and have agreed to support the project financially. For a variety of reasons, a few will not support, but that’s a small number.
    b. As everyone is busy, we need to continue to communicate with them to ensure we do not lose momentum.
    c. We will send an update in early Sep 2019, using our website and our class list through B-K and sqn reps.
  5. Accumulating Fund – Mark (Q)
    a. Accumulating Fund agreement is sound; a few things needed to be tweaked from Foundation’s perspective, but everything is good now.
    b. We went with most conservative investment (income portfolio), which will still provide us with additional revenues.
    c. We need to itemize items for spending in a budget and show it to Class 84 for approval.
    d. We should put a draft budget together for the mtg around ex-Cadet Weekend or before.
    e. If we need to access funds, 3 signatures are required.
  6. Corporate Sponsorship – Pete
    a. A few of our classmates have indicated they could potentially reach out to the corporate world for sponsorship.
    b. As getting sponsors on board would require recognition of some sort, let’s wait and see first how the fund raising goes with our two joint classes.
  7. MOU with RMC – Louis
    a. In good shape, no issues so far.
    b. In cooperation with Foundation, we still need to provide at a later date an estimate of the maintenance cost for the statue.
  8. MOU with Class of 84 – Louis
    a. In discussion with Class of 84 about content of MOU.
    b. Need to sort out fund raising agreement with this partnership.
    c. Intent is to have MOU done before mtg in Sep 2019.
  9. Communication with Class of 84 – Pete
    a. Although Class of 81 is the lead for this project, we need to ensure Class of 84 is well informed and engaged.
    b. Dean Milner will be the Class of 84 representative on the project committee, so we need to involve him soonest.
  10. Website – Sig
    a. Good way to post info and various messages, but let’s still use the class list as well.
  11. Timelines – Pete
    a. Summer and fall 2019 should be used to reach out to our classmates for donations.
    b. Many have expressed their support and desire to contribute financially, but have not done so yet, so let’s keep informing them, including the form and methods to donate.
    c. We should scope out the artist as soon as we can.
    d. If things are successful with our fund raising, we might even achieve our goal before the class reunion in 2021, as which point we can turn off the tap for the project funding.
    e. Let’s not procrastinate for the artist and get the statue done sooner than later.
  12. Artist – Pete/Pat/Sig
    a. As discussed earlier, let’s select an artist and get the statue building process going as there are many steps to be taken before it gets to the foundry.
    b. Matt Berry contacted us and offered us a Slovakian sculpture who would be interested in this project. He is an accomplished artist with work across Slovakia and Europe as well. His initial estimate for the production is 31,500 Euros (47K CAD), with shipping being extra.
    c. At the Apr 2019 mtg with Cmdt RMC, his preference was to go with a Cdn artist as much as possible
    d. Pat has reached out to two artists:
    i. One artist is from Gatineau; she’s is well known and very interested with this project; foundry is in Quebec.
    ii. Another one might be interested, but foundry is in China, which could create some difficulties.

    e. Sig contacted Nathan Scott from BC, who is quite an accomplished artist. His estimate is $75,000-$80,000, not including applicable taxes. This would include his sculpting to our committee’s specification, with mold making, and casting in bronze, plus also include all necessary hardware for an easy installation, shipping and installation. This is a project that will take approximately 9 months from start to finish.
    f. Pete suggested we get the 3 proposals (not China foundry) and do a comparison analysis so we can present to Class of 84, RMC and Foundation. We should try to do this late fall 19, early winter 20.
  13. RMC GBA Committee – Louis
    a. Louis has been in discussion with DCmdt RMC, Col Jean Bernier.
    b. DCmdt indicated they have not really started yet, but would like to have something in place by fall 2019.
    c. Louis will keep monitoring this initiative and stay in touch with DCmdt and College CWO.
  14. Next meeting – Louis
    a. Tentative plan is to have next mtg during ex-Cadet weekend, 13-15 Sep 2019. As Cmdt RMC and staff, as well as Foundation are extremely busy that weekend, aim is to conduct mtg on morning of Fri 13 Sep.
    b. If feasible, this weekend would be great as it coincides with the 35th Reunion for Class of 84.
    c. Louis will touch base with RMC and Foundation to see if doable.
    d. Pete indicated that failing this, we still should hold a mtg in the fall with RMC, Foundation, Class of 84, and GBA Committee Rep is stood up.
  15. Misc -all
    a. Mark (Q) raised the point of the miniatures during the mtg; we need to investigate the cost and find out if it is worth the effort; more to follow on this
  16. Adjournment. Pete closed the meeting at 10:40 (EST).
  17. Next Meeting. Tentative plan for now is Fri 13 Sep 2019 at RMC at 10:00 hrs.

Drafted by: Louis Cyr
Reviewed by: All Project Committee members
Approved by: Peter Atkinson, Chairperson

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