Attention Rodents!! Homecoming change of dates. Now Sep 13-15 2019

Hello Rodents

In 2019 it will be 40 years since a bunch of us marched off the Roads Parade square at the end of second year.  This sounds like as good a reason as any to call for a reunion.  Royal Roads University welcomes returning classes at their Homecoming weekend and does a very good job of embracing its past.  A group of us have been talking and we are proposing that those who entered Roads in 1977 or finished 2nd year in 1979 return for the homecoming which is scheduled for Sept 13-15 2019.  We expect the schedule for the weekend to be very similar to this years which is detailed on this link .

So far we have, including the undersigned,  11 who have expressed interest in attending.  We plan to supplement the Roads schedule with some golf and fishing for those who are interested so if you are traveling consider being in Victoria for Thursday Sept 12th.  The key now is to get the word out to all the Buds. This email has gone to all the address’s we have but we need you to forward to anyone else you might have contact with.  Once again we are trying to target everyone who started the process at Roads, not only those who stayed for the duration.

Attached to this email is a non-exhaustive  list of potential attendees.  We need your help if you can supplement the list with those we have missed or contact details.  Also please let us know if you are interested in attending.  Conrad Greer is compiling the contact list.  Can you also advise him at if you are interested in attending.  Eventually anyone intending to attend will have to register with Royal Roads University for the events, however; in the interim please let Conrad know so we can get an idea of the numbers.  This will assist in planning. This email originates from Conrad so reply will get to him. It would be best to avoid “reply all” to keep peoples inbox’s clean. Conrad will send out a potential attendee list in a couple of weeks based on the reply’s he gets.

Mark Sigson did a recce of the 2018 homecoming and his report is included below. He will also take point on the project and  liaise with the college to make sure there are no outstanding warrants and all statute of limitations have expired.  Tony DeRosenroll will be OIC golf and Mark and Dave Taylor will coordinate some fishing.  If anyone has questions about the weekend format or other related issues, contact  

Cheers and come back to Victoria.  Many things have changed at Roads but much will be familiar.

Your adhoc Return to Roads Committee.

Mark Sigson, Conrad Greer, Tony DeRosenroll, Dave Taylor, Frank Smith, Dave Bolton and Paul Catsburg


The weekend was well organized.  The format was very similar to RMC.  A Friday night meet and greet at the Castle,  Saturday lunch  BBQ on Castle Terrance, Saturday afternoon chance to tour the Campus, Saturday night Dinner Dance in the Castle.  Sunday morning ceremony at the Flag Mast which has been relocated to near the Vice Commandants House with dedicated Paver Stones,  I saw both Tony and Dave’s stones there.  After the Mast ceremony back to the Castle for a farewell toast and then a group ceremonial walk around the circle to excise any demons of previous circle PTSD

The present college administration is very supportive of these reunion weekends and encourages the return of all those who were students at Roads.  There were attendees there from as far back as the 40”s.

All in all, a great weekend well hosted by the present administration with the assistance of the Vancouver Island Ex-Cadet Club in an iconic venue.

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